About Us

The Beauty Dealer brand began as a quick way to earn money by our SHE-E-O, Jasmine McKenzie, while she was a junior in college. However, it grew rapidly as she continued to grow her platform and it became something she is passionate about.

Our brand encapsulates everything beauty-related. We offer a range of products and fashions to ensure that everyone finds something for them. Our wigs are of the highest quality, our press-on nails are handmade, our lashes are long lasting, and all of our products are luxurious.

We want to use our platform to increase self-love and individuality throughout our customer base. It is important for us to know that our customers know that they are all beautiful, inside and out, regardless of any materialistic products you may add.
Our products are only used to enhance the beauty one already possesses. Last, as I mentioned earlier, we try to offer a range of items because we know that everyone’s beauty is unique. We want to find what’s perfect for you. So Boss Up Today and shop The Beauty Dealer.